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E rerekau mai te awa nui mai no te kahui maunga ki Tangaroa Ko au te awa Te awa ko au
Whanganui Awa School
4502 Whanganui River Road
Katherine (Kass) Kirk, Principal
06 342 8123

    Whanganui Awa School will strive to provide
 "The Learner" with the best possible Education

           From our Charter, reviewed in 2009:
Whanganui Awa School embraces the concept of ako whereby teaching and learning is a reciprocal process where every member of the community is a potential teacher. Learning is seen as organic and scaffolded by rich, authentic experiences that can lead to unpredictable results once initial momentum has been initiated. The foundations for learning are established through the key competencies and values. It is upon this secure foundation all other learning takes place. Children are the centre of the school and their individual needs direct the learning programme into uncharted waters.
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